A good-fitted bike is essential for healthy, pleasurable, and pain-free cycling, whether you're a newbie or a competitive cyclist. Overuse injuries can result from an improper bike mechanical setup. Soft tissue injuries, knee and hip discomfort, low back or neck discomfort, or nerve compressions of the wrist/hand, neck, and lumbar spine are all possible results of improper cycling biomechanics.

To effectively fit cyclist to their bicycles, we combine a sports medicine examination with a rigorous biomechanical approach. We use biomechanical analysis software, and objective mobility and strength assessments for an individualised biomechanical fit to promote performance and prevent injury.  The final outcome is a full bicycle-fitting experience that is optimised for you as an individual.

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Biomechanical Bike Set-Up

Bike examination

Screening your current set-up and assessing your current performance and injury risk. Adjustments for your bike to optimise your performance and prevent injury occurrence.

Biomechanical analysis

Two-dimensional  biomechanical assessment in standing and sitting to achieve an optimal biomechanical pattern.

Strength testing

Objective strength testing performed with the DynaMo. Find out if you are more powerful pushing or pulling and which muscles are doing the work.

Mobility testing

Objective mobility testing performed with the DynaMo. Find out if your muscles have optimal length of positions on and off the bike.

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