Body Composition Analysis

Body composition analysis. Analysing the composition of your body. Analysing what your body is composed of. Let's break it down and discover our bodies.

Our bodies consist of 4 different components: fat tissue, muscle mass (protein), water and minerals (bone). Technology allows us to look inside our bodies and calculate our build-up of these 4 components.

BIA scale

BIA - Bio-electrical Impedance Analysis is the method we use to conduct a body composition test. The BIA scale holds 8 electrodes that send and receive electrical currents through your body, via your hands and feet. As we recall from grade 9 physics, current is affected by resistance. The different components have different resistances. The scale measures the current that moves through a specific resistance and can thus calculate the area of the specific component.

Fat Tissue

We know fat. We need fat. We fear fat.

But what must we know? How much do we need? How much should we fear?

One of the main morphological differences between women and men is that women carry a greater amount. This is mainly because of child bearing.

Recommended fat %: