Energy gels on your ride

Updated: Jun 30

If you've ever walked down the sports nutrition isle in Dis-Chem you would've come across energy gels. Shelves are stacked with energy gels from different brands, flavours, sizes and colours.

Here is a short discussion on energy gels, specifically for cyclists.

What is an energy gel?

Energy gels usually come in sachets as a semi-liquid. It contains high amounts of carbohydrates that contribute to the high energy value of the sachet. Energy gels are used as a 'quick fix' on your ride. It consists of easily digestible carbs (high GI) that is rapidly absorbed and increases energy levels almost instantly.

AND THIS IS WHAT YOU WANT. While on your bike, you need to constantly fuel your body with carbs that can be easily absorbed and rapidly release energy.

Basics of gels

Energy gels usually consists of 'multi-transportable' carbs. This means that the gel contains different types of carbohydrates that follow different absorption pathways. And this means that your body can absorb more carbohydrates (energy) in an hour, without competing for the same absorption sites.