Ride with Chain ReaXion

Updated: Jun 30

Chain ReaXion Cycling Club

Who are we?

We are a virtual social cycling community for men, women and children of all ages. The Chain Reaxion™ cycling community encourages every member to cycle at their own pace, strive towards their own goals and support each other along the way. We are a social cycling group who likes group rides, having fun and enjoying our coffee and socialising afterwards!

We are a cycling community that motivates and support one another - no matter your age nor level of fitness. The club caters for both mountain biking and road biking. Our programs are designed to fit your personal needs from beginners to elite cyclists.

Our objective:

We aim to make cycling as pleasurable and safe as possible for every cyclist out there! With our road bike rides, we have a well equipped back-up vehicle to make sure motorists aware of the cyclists on the road. We also have local cycling communities through which fellow cyclists residing in the same area can do group rides together and support each other on a personal level.

Why you should join us:

Having someone to train with is much more motivating than having to go through your own fitness journey alone. We aim to create a platform where cyclists can connect with each other despite your age group or fitness level and share their love for cycling.