Pregnancy Support

Everything a mom needs to know about her physical health

  • 30 minutes
  • 550 South African rand
  • Sports Bodies Rehabilitation Practice

Service Description

Professionally accredited, standardised and research informed guidelines by pur sports medical health professionals. The journey of pregnancy and childbirth has a massive impact on your previous experience of your favorite form of exercise. Where an afternoon quick jog around the neighborhood once felt so easy and effortless, pains and aches present now in places you did not know could hurt. As health care practitioners and sports researchers, we have the capabilities to locate, appraise and assess evidence-based articles and programs for safe post-partum exercise guidelines. The post-natal return to running program is based on the best existing evidence together with opinions from medical experts. The advice and exercises are based on the most recent research papers found within medical databases. We strive to provide accurate and safe exercise guidelines for post-partum mothers with the goal of returning to running effectively. This is just a guide, but the program needs to be adapted to match each mother’s individual goals. ​The aim of this program: - An initial pelvic health assessment - screening for signs and symptoms of pelvic floor dysfunction and risk factors by a health care professional - Pelvic floor guided rehabilitation from 6 weeks post-natal from a health care professional - Minimal impact activities for the first 3 months post-natal - Return to running activities at 3-6 months post-natal - Improve physical and mental wellbeing - Education (importance of postnatal rehab and gradual progressions) - Improve pelvic floor and abdominal function - Build muscle strength and improve fitness - Facilitate safe return to sport and running Visit us for your holistic post-pregnancy support program.

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  • Sports Bodies Rehabilitation, 134 Aramist Ave, Newlands, Pretoria, 0049, South Africa